Week One of the Two Year Bible Reading Plan

Week One of the Two Year Bible Reading Plan

If you have clicked on this page, you are already to a good start for 2019.  It means you are interested in reading God’s Word in entirety, something I believe every Christian should do.  Because of this strong belief I have, I want to help you become a woman of the Word FOR FREE!!! You can read more about my plan on how I am going to help you do that here!

Enough with the intro, let me get to your week one FREE RESOURCES!!! 

First, I want to offer you a pamphlet for your Bible with the 2 year Plan’s weekly reading.  You can print it off or save it and use it digitally. You will notice that there are free weeks.  This is because I know we are all humans and will miss some days and get behind.  I do not want you to quit just because you get behind, so I have designed plenty of days for you to catch up if you get behind at any point.  However, if you are not behind, I do not recommend you take the whole week off because we do not want to get out of the habit of reading God’s word.  If you are all caught up during a free week, we suggest you go back and read a passage you had trouble with OR one you just really liked and want to read again. Here is the pamphlet:



I also want to GIVE you a 2019 calendar with your daily readings on it.  You can print or save this as well:



You probably look at the lock screen on your phone A LOT (or is that just me…gotta check the time), so here are some graphics to remind you of your readings for the week.  Just save them and then set them as your lock screen or home screen to help you meditate on the Word.



I also want it to be easier for you to share what you have read in the Word, so here are some graphics for you to share on your social media accounts for NO CHARGE:



Taking notes/journaling can be difficult sometimes.  Where do you start?  I made a “notes page” to help you work through and better understand the passage you are reading.  You can print one off and fill it out for each passage we read, or you can save it to your computer/tablet/phone and do it digitally. (Watch the video below to figure out what the “S” “O” “A” “P” stands for if you don’t already know)


If you are thinking to yourself “Lacey, all these free resources are great, but I still do not know where to start once I open my Bible.  I know I should read it, but I just don’t know HOW.”  No worries, the video below is on “How to Study the Bible.”  I sat down and walked you through what I do during my quiet time, so you can not only know that you should study the Bible, but you will also know HOW.  If you still have questions after the video, you can email me at clothethepopulation@gmail.com.


you think this is already a lot of amazing free resources, there is more.

Click here to go to a free playlist if you have Apple Music for this month’s reading.  It will help you to meditate on the Word and worship.

Click here to go to a free playlist just like the one above but for Spotify.

At any point during this reading plan if you think of a song that would go along with the scripture that isn’t on the playlist, email us at clothethepopulation@gmail.com, and we will add it to the playlist.

Come back in exactly one week to get next week’s free resources AND a video of women of the Word talking about this week’s scriptures.  It is always helpful to hear from others.   Plus, if you have a question while reading any of the passages this week, you can email it to clothethepopulation@gmail.com, and we will address it in the video.

Join the community of women reading this plan as well by commenting things the Lord has shown you while reading down below at the bottom of this post, liking us and keeping up with us on Facebook here.  Following and keeping up with us on Instagram here. Keep up and be reminded of our weekly posts by following our website.  If you are on a desktop, look to the right of this post on the screen and enter in your email to follow us.  If you are on a mobile device, scroll down until you see the follow button at the bottom right of your screen and click it.

May the LORD open our eyes to behold wondrous things from His Word (Psalm 119:18). 

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