Week Twenty of the Two Year Bible Reading Plan

Week Twenty of the Two Year Bible Reading Plan

This week is a free week!!  Use this time to catch up where you have fallen behind, or re-read a passage you really liked or didn’t really understand.  Continue to email in any questions you have to clothethepopulation@gmail.com

Here is the rest of this month’s reading:

Bible Reading Plan Monthly Calendar-06

Continue to meditate on the Word and worship the Lord through our playlist for the month of May that goes along with the scripture.

Click here for the Spotify playlist.

Click here for the Apple Music Playlist.

On the first day of each week for the next two years, that week’s free resources will be posted ALONG with a FREE VIDEO talking about the previous week’s scripture.  We want everyone to have access to a community and free resources that encourages women to stay in God’s Word.  This will be a time where you get to listen to women of the Word talk about scripture.  PLUS, if you have any questions while reading through the plan, you can email them to clothethepopulation@gmail.com, and we will address them in the videos!!  If you think of a song that would go great with the scriptures that isn’t already on our playlist, email us, and we will add it to the playlist.  We hope you will join us on this journey of reading God’s word in entirety in the next two years.  We will not condemn you if you get behind. We will just encourage you to come back.  There are actually A LOT of free weeks/days built into the plan just for when you miss a day.  We know we are all human and will miss some of the readings, so we planned in time to catch up.   Follow us on instagram here, and like us on Facebook here to join the community.  Visit our devotion page herefor each week’s posts.  If you are on a desktop, look to the right of the devotion page to follow our website.  If you are on a mobile device, scroll down and click follow at the bottom of the page.  We pray this will encourage you to become a woman of the Word.

May the LORD open our eyes to behold wondrous things from His Word (Psalm 119:18). 

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