Clothe The Population will one day be an online boutique.  It is founded by Lacey Higgins.  Clothe The Population is unique because it not only offers fashionable clothes but also offers modest, classy clothes.  The boutique’s goal is “to clothe the whole world physically and spiritually.”  Clothe the Population  reaches this goal by using the profit from sales to clothe people in need both physically – giving physical clothes to those who do not have the money or resources to clothe themselves (James 2) – and spiritually – giving a Bible  to people in their native language and getting them in a discipleship program to learn how to dress spiritually (Colossians 3).

clothe the population


Lacey Higgins is a fashion blogger based in Mississippi.  She is a graduate of Mississippi College where she studied Public Relations and Christian Studies and a current student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary pursuing a Masters of Divinity in Biblical Languages.  She believes in promoting modest fashionable outfit ideas for others to be inspired.  She accepts collaborators.


Lacey Higgins feels strongly called to help women study the Bible; therefore, Clothe the Population is a place for women to come to read devotions and get free Bible study resources.


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